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A Positive 'Roll' in Society

ROLLN was born out of a desire to create something special from the ground up; delicious and healthy food, from people with purpose and values. 

Our rolls are made fresh every day using the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging. Making a positive impact on health, communities, and our environment is why we do things. We live what we say, no B.S.

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Some of our food


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We are naturally 100% gluten-free



California Roll

The best version of this classic you've had! We sourced a really pure 100% gluten-free crab stick for this roll that tastes as fresh as a California spring.

Avocado, cucumber, carrot, crab stick, masago

Vegetarian Roll

A vegetarian roll that doesn't skimp on taste! The sweet inari (gluten free marinated tofu skin) means you don't miss out on any flavor!

Avocado, carrot, cucumber, inari, mayo

Spicy Salmon Roll

The exact same great quality salmon we use for the Salmon Avocado, cut into beautiful little jewels and mixed through with our special house made spicy sauce.

Fresh salmon, house spicy sauce, scallions

Shrimp & Avocado Roll

An awesome combination of perfectly cooked fresh and tender shrimp paired with creamy ripe avocados.

Shrimp, avocado, masago, special mayo

Jalapeno Yuzu Yellowtail Roll

Bright, sweet, and citrusy pieces of yellowtail (Hamachi), mixed through with our special super light dressing of fresh jalapenos and yuzu juice, to enhance and bring out the natural flavors of this beautiful fish.

Fresh yellowtail, jalapenos, scallions, yuzu juice

Salmon Avocado Roll

The Classic. A huge piece of great quality, super-fresh and sustainably sourced salmon, paired with avocados that we ripen in-house for optimum flavor.

Fresh salmon, avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll

Great tuna + our special house made spicy sauce = Spicy Tuna perfection!

Fresh tuna, house spicy sauce, scallions

Avocado Cucumber Roll

A super clean, fresh, and healthy option, with perfectly ripe avocados and fresh cucumber. Simple, healthy, delicious, just the way it should be.

Avocado, cucumber, mayo

Tuna Avocado Roll

A beautiful piece of fresh sustainably-sourced yellowfin tuna, paired with creamy ripe avocado for a classic, fresh, and lean roll.

Tuna, avocado

Salmon Sashimi

Just awesome pieces of our amazing salmon, perfectly sliced and ready to be enjoyed.

Fresh salmon

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