Affordable Sushi

The Greatest Sushi At The Lowest Price

ROLLN was started because Gavin and David both couldn’t believe that there was such a huge difference between the cheap (but terrible) and the amazing (but expensive) sushi available in NYC. Having come from Australia where great quality and affordable sushi is everywhere, they wanted to share the joy of great quality sushi with as many New Yorkers as possible. So if you’re looking for ‘affordable sushi near me’, ROLLN is your answer!


In our minds, we wanted to have as many people as possible enjoy this great quality sushi, which is affordable and accessible, something that you can love to have a few times a week and not just on special occasions. ROLLN is all about absolutely great quality, but without the huge price tag!


Quality is the ultimate focus, where we use the freshest and best ingredients, treated with the utmost care, to create our signature delicious sushi and sashimi. We designed ROLLN from the ground up, to be as efficient as possible in order to be able to invest in the highest quality ingredients and chefs, which we knew would result in the best tasting sushi, which is amazingly affordable compared to everywhere else!

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Our ingredients are great quality - sushi rice grown in California and organic quinoa from Peru, which is carefully cooked and then mixed with just the right amount of vinegar seasoning, to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Our seaweed, which is a specially made proprietary roast from Yamamotoyama made just for us! This seaweed is a high quality, mildly roasted blend, which is designed to pair perfectly with our hand rolls. Our seafood is sustainably sourced, with fresh Salmon, Yellowtail, and Tuna coming in every day. We also make as many of our sauces in-house, from scratch, from great quality fresh ingredients, which is how we are also able to be 100% gluten-free. We use such clean and natural ingredients and have put so much care into the process, come in and try for yourself the difference!


So how do we make such great quality sushi, so affordable for as many people to enjoy as possible? Efficiency in how we do things, starting with self-ordering kiosks, which make it quick and easy for you to order. Keeping a short and focused menu on sushi and not doing multiple types of food, means we are able to consistently source the best quality and freshest seafood. We also utilize sushi robots from Autec, which quickly and consistently portion the rice perfectly for the sushi rolls. All of these steps mean we can reinvest the savings into the ingredients and people, ensuring you are blown away by the deliciousness of our sushi every time!

Call us right now at 1 ‭(646) 869 0826‬ for delivery, or come see us at ROLLN, 38 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.