Avocado Cucumber Rolls

Creamy, Crispy, Fresh, And Delicious!

Our cucumber avocado rolls combines the smooth, fatty goodness of avocado with the crisp, watery crunch of cucumber.

We source fresh, farm-grown avocados that arrive plump and dark green after being cultivated by hand on the best avocado farms in the world. Once they get here, we wait until they reach peak ripeness, before we slice them into the perfect portion size for our hand rolls. Unlike many restaurants, we never use frozen avocados. That’s how we make sure they always have the perfect texture - and are never mushy.


Similarly, our cucumbers are shipped in fresh from the farm. They’re vine-ripened on the farm and sent to us when they hit peak perfection. Then we chop them down to just the right size - not too much, not too little - to share the spotlight in our avocado cucumber rolls.

Avo Cucumber.png
Image by Harshal S. Hirve

Once the avocados and cucumbers are cut to the perfect proportions, we wrap them up in California-grown white rice, steam cooked with just a splash of vinegar, and our special-recipe nori, which you can only have from ROLLN.

It’s literally a one-of-a-kind flavor that you can’t get anywhere else!

And, if you want low-carb sushi, just ask us to substitute quinoa instead of rice. Quinoa contains perfect proteins, with all your body’s necessary essential amino acids. It has half the carbohydrates of white rice. Quinoa sushi is also high in fiber. Taste-wise, it’s not as sweet as white rice and, instead, has a nuttier flavor. For a healthier sushi alternative, it’s delicious and nutritious.

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