Halved Avocado

Avocado Rolls

Smooth, Flavorful, Green Goodness!

The Avocado Roll, like The California Roll, is another American sushi innovation that originated in southern California.

The name of the sushi chef who invented it, and the restaurant where it was invented, have been lost to time, but it’s widely believed that the avocado roll was invented in the Los Angeles area in the 1960s when a sushi chef there wanted an ingredient similar to toro. Because the avocado is high in healthy fats, like Omega 3, it provided a similar texture to the popular, and more traditional, toro roll.

Diners took notice, and avocado roll sushi became a sensation, spreading cross-country, and becoming a staple in other sushi rolls. Besides the California Roll, Salmon Avocado Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Rolls became wildly popular. And, for vegetarians and vegans, the Avocado Cucumber Roll - offering the fatty texture of the avocado with the fresh, crisp taste of cucumber - is also a popular staple of American sushi menus.

Like all of our sushi hand rolls, we put our own spin on the Avocado Roll. The nori is our own special recipe, so no other avocado roll anywhere tastes exactly like ours. Our rice is California grown, and cooked with just a touch of vinegar for a little extra zing.


We source plump, and dark green, avocados from the best growers. Then we ripen them up for a few days, to peak perfection. Once they’re ripened to peak flavor, we slice our avocados to the perfect size before rolling them up, so that you get the best proportion of avocado, rice, and nori in every roll.

The taste and texture are amazing every time!

And, if you want low-carb sushi, don’t forget that you can substitute quinoa for rice in any of our sushi hand rolls. If you don’t already know, quinoa is high in protein, contains all the essential amino acids that your body requires, and has about half the carbohydrates of rice! Our quinoa is grown in Peru, on family farms, and has a delicious nutty flavor. So, which ever way you want your avocado rolls, just let us know! Order now for sushi delivery and we’ll get to rollin!

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