Bento Boxes Delivered

New Twists On Traditional Favorites

Bento boxes have a long and rich history going back nearly 1000 years, as a great way to put together a delicious variety of foods for a full meal on the go! Our bento boxes have been designed specifically to give you a great mix of your sushi favorites, with along with a variety of special side items that give you that great variety and mix of flavors, from edamame, to crab salad, to special inari pockets.


Our most popular option is our Classic Bento, which lets you choose any two sushi rolls, to go with a mix of salmon nigiri, salmon avocado sushi rolls, crab salad, edamame, and an egg salad inari. A mix of some of our most popular items, perfect for a complete lunch or dinner on the go!


If you’re looking to maximize the focus on our amazingly fresh fish, check out our Chirashi Bento. Chirashi bowls are a traditional way to serve sashimi on top of a bed of sushi rice, with delicious slices of our amazingly fresh Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, and Shrimp, on top of our perfectly seasoned sushi rice. Enjoy this as an upgrade from the usual Chirashi, with the crab salad, edamame, and egg salad inari as part of this bento box!

Woman with Bento Box

For those who want to step it up and get a mix of our best items, the Deluxe Bento is for you! Your choice of any sushi roll, plus a huge assortment of salmon, seared salmon, tuna, and yellowtail nigiri, salmon and tuna sashimi, and a salmon avocado sushi roll, topped off with a serve of edamame. This really is the one for when you want it all!


We also have a Special Lunchtime Bento (available only at lunch, before 3:30pm), which is ideal for those looking for a lighter meal, but still with great variety! You still get to choose any 2 sushi rolls, which come with a mix of salmon nigiri, crab salad, edamame, and an egg salad inari. We bet you can’t find better quality sushi and this amount of variety for the price! This lunch pack is great value for discerning sushi lovers.


They aren’t bento, but if you want just straight up sushi, we also have our Special Spicy Pack and our Special Nigiri Pack available. These are a combination of our best selling nigiri items along with our very popular Spicy Tuna and Spicy Salmon sushi rolls (in the Special Spicy pack).

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