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California Roll Sushi

Our Fresh Take On The Traditional California Roll

Our California roll sushi is awesome. How awesome? Well, we made a complete list of everything better than our California roll and, when we were done, that list was blank.

We offer the classic flavor of a traditional California roll, with the freshest, tastiest ingredients. We source avocados at peak ripeness, when it’s softest, full of oil, and completely delicious. We pair that up with the freshest, greenest cucumbers we can find. They practically spray water everywhere when we chop them up for you and which offer a perfect little crunch in every bite.

And then, the magic ingredient: the crab stick we can get our hands on. Or crab stick is so good, it gets its own paragraph. We source the best quality crab stick, made from pure fish, no fillers and 100% gluten-free! You can taste the difference with the sweetness and real firm texture when you bite into it - its the magic that makes our California roll absolutely irresistible and will leave you wanting more!


After we chop it all up, we wrap it in farm-grown California white rice, soaked in just a touch of vinegar for a subtle zing, and top it off with Masago - a cold-water caviar coveted by sushi roll makers everywhere.


But maybe you want low-carb sushi today? No problem: you can order any of our hand rolls including California rolls, made with quinoa instead of rice.


Our quinoa is organically grown in Peru. It lends our sushi rolls a nutty flavor, whereas our rice is slightly sweeter. This low-carb sushi alternative also includes all nine essential amino acids (quinoa offers a complete protein), and a heap of fiber.


We might have fun making our hand rolls, but we take the quality of our sushi very seriously. And when the medley of these flavors dances across your taste buds, you’ll see the difference it makes. 

So, our knives are sharp. Our rice is sticky. Our prices are low. We’re ready to deliver the highest quality, lowest priced sushi in New York City!

Call us right now at 1 ‭(646) 869 0826‬ for delivery, or come see us at ROLLN, 38 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.