Sushi Rolls

We Combined Two Of The Best Things In The World - Only At ROLLN!

We love burgers, in all shapes and sizes - from thin patty diner-style burgers, to thick and juicy high end cheffy creations, we love them all! As serious burger fans, we knew that if we could, we had to try and make a burger sushi roll. We tested a huge number of different combinations and flavor profiles, with different kinds of beef, some thinner and some thicker, and cheeses from American, to cheddar, to more exotic blues, and more sauces and seasonings than you could poke a stick at!

After all the testing, we ended up at the All-American Classic Cheeseburger. The one that you immediately think of when someone mentions a burger. The one that seems simple, but delivers more satisfaction, flavor, and nostalgia than anything else. Here’s what we did.

The beef is a classic blend of 80/20 locally sourced beef, from Wonder Meats in NJ. This is the perfect balance of lean and fat, which runs slightly less than a typical fast food burger, but tastes even juicier due to our cooking process. Other burger places will use a fattier blend for price and texture, due to their bread buns being relatively dry in comparison to our sushi rice.



Because we don’t have to try and balance out a relatively large dry piece of hamburger bun, we can use a slightly leaner mix, which lets the beef flavor come through more cleanly.

We take this fresh beef and shape it in house, to give a thick patty that fits perfectly in our sushi roll. The thickness of this patty means we can give it plenty of time and sear it very hard to form that perfect delicious crust on the outside, without overcooking and drying it out. We season it aggressively with just salt and pepper, again to accentuate the flavors rather than try to have them compete with any other herbs or spices.

On top of the patty, we then melt good ol’ American cheese. The combination of its rich and creamy flavor, along with its ideal melting properties, means that we think this is actually the ultimate cheese to put on any burger and amplifies the umami in the beef. Finishing off the burger, we then add our own secret special burger sauce! The closely guarded recipe is only known to 2 people in the world and was created to be reminiscent of your best memories of the dream burgers from your childhood. We’ve held a vote with customers and people think it leans slightly more towards the Big Mac sauce, but also shares similarities with the Shake Shack and In-N-Out sauces. Guess you’ll have to come in and try it for yourself to decide!Finally we wrap it in our perfectly seasoned sushi rice and nori. Just like the rice is actually the most important part of sushi in terms of influencing the overall taste, we also believe that the bun is the most important part of a burger. So what’s it like when you take out the bread and replace it with sushi rice? Amazing actually! The natural sweetness and soft chew of the rice, carries the flavors better than nearly any regular burger bun, while the nori adds a very subtle umami to proceedings, without ever coming to the fore.So there you have it, how we make our famous Cheeseburger sushi roll – come in and try it yourself, you won’t believe how good it is!

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