Gluten Free Sushi Rolls

When We Say "Gluten Free" We Mean It Is 100% Gluten Free

At ROLLN, we are proud to be one of the few sushi places that is able to offer 100% gluten-free sushi rolls, nigiri, sides, appetizers, rice or quinoa sushi – our whole menu is 100% gluten-free! Our desire to be 100% gluten-free is due to our belief that great quality and nutritious food, should be available and able to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Our philosophy and commitment to quality and flavor also means that we want to go the extra mile and make as much as we can as possible, in-house, from scratch. Because we know that by using the best quality, clean, and pure ingredients, the food we make is going to be the most delicious it can possibly be. In fact, we are probably one of the few places where being 100% gluten-free makes our food taste better, not worse!

It all starts with the ingredients. We make sushi – not bread, or pasta, or beer etc. and know that none of the primary ingredients need to be made with wheat.


So why aren’t more sushi places 100% gluten-free? Many places use the cheapest ingredients possible, which means that wheat is often introduced at some point in the manufacturing process, like in pre-made sauces, or as a filler in seafood items like crab sticks.


We use traditional tamari in place of regular soy sauce, which has a richer flavor, that is also naturally less salty and therefore complements the sushi better. Our mirin has been carefully selected so that it does not contain any wheat-based alcohol, and our crab stick is made with just fish!

We have been incredibly careful with our sourcing, taking care to only use the best quality and purest ingredients possible, which has taken a significant amount of time and effort, but we think it's worth it when you taste our sushi!


Our commitment to our food tasting as amazing as possible has led us to make as much as we possibly can, in-house, from scratch. We are incredibly proud of our sauces which are all made in-house, using our own special and secret recipes, like our teriyaki sauce, our spicy mayo, and our Cheeseburger sauce. 

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