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Hand Roll Sushi

High Quality Food For Fast-Moving People

Freshness. Quality. Value. Originality. That’s what you can expect from ROLLN! So it makes sense that our hand roll sushi is different than what you’d expect.

At most sushi restaurants in New York City, hand rolls are big, cone-shaped sushi rolls. One end is awesome, full of tasty meat and veggies, and the other end is kind of skinny and chewy, heavy on seaweed. It’s anticlimactic! So here at ROLLN, all of our hand rolls are the same size at both ends, and equally full of meat and veggie goodness - giving you an enormous mouthful of fresh flavors in every bite.

As with everything we offer, our hand rolls are made with the freshest ingredients, and each offers a taste that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s because our nori (the seaweed wrapper that a lot of sushi restaurants source generically) is roasted and flavored exactly to our standards, offering you maximum flavor.

Our fish is fresh-caught. Our rice is California-grown, and cooked with a tangy hint of vinegar. If you want low-carb sushi, substitute quinoa. Our quinoa is grown in the lush tropical soil of Peru. It’s nutty, flavorful, and full of complete proteins with all the amino acids you need.


We offer an amazing variety of sushi hand rolls. Our cheeseburger sushi roll is one of a kind. We invented it right here in the same kitchen that pumps out all of our delicious, nutritious, low-cost hand rolls! And, of course, we offer a lot of time-honored favorites, like:

Traditional California Rolls
- All the avocado, cucumber, and crab goodness you’ve come to expect from expensive sit-down restaurants at a fraction of the cost.

Spicy Tuna Rolls - Fresh-caught tuna? Check! The zing of spicy mayo? Check! The lowest price for the best hand roll sushi in New York City? Absolutely!


Salmon Avocado Rolls - Our wild-caught salmon is rich, tender, dense, and flavorful, delivered fresh daily from the cold waters of the north Atlantic.

Call us right now at 1 ‭(646) 869 0826‬ for delivery, or come see us at ROLLN, 38 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.