Inspiring Meaningful Journeys

A Positive 'Roll' in Our World

ROLLN was founded on the idea that 'why' you do something is much more important than 'what'. We wanted to create and be a part of something that actually made a positive contribution to the world we live in.

We have always enjoyed great quality takeout hand rolls, and we wanted to share this delicious and healthy way of eating with everyone.

This means we live our purpose through:
Our Food - nutritious, delicious, balanced
Our Team - an amazing place where we dedicate and challenge ourselves to help and serve others

Our Suppliers - sourcing sustainable ingredients and packaging, working with partners who share our values and beliefs
Our Community - shaping a better world through what we do, including minimizing waste, donating food to those in need, and supporting education programs


No marketing fluff, no B.S.

Food That Changes The World

Where Ideals Meets Actions

ROLLN focuses on doing one thing well: hand rolls. All our rolls are freshly made each day (Gluten Free), with great ingredients like house-made sauces and sustainably sourced seafood.

You are what you eat. Healthy bodies mean a healthy, thriving community. Our menu is designed so you can construct your desired meal, whether it be a small snack or large lunch, with nutritional adjustments at your fingertips.

We are the first to offer high protein 100% quinoa rolls, which combined with our side salads, help you maintain a healthy balance in your diet.

Protein? Check.

Veggies? Check.

Probiotics? Check.

Fun? Check.

People That Make The Difference

How We Work

Our core principles and values which guide the decisions we make everyday:

  • Purpose and service of something greater than the individual self, leads to overall fulfillment in life.

  • Contribute to a world where progress is driven by empathy, patience, compassion, collaboration, and respect.

  • Accept and celebrate diversity in every form. We want all our staff and customers to feel free to be themselves.

  • Act with honesty and integrity at all times, always do the right thing.

  • Strive to be a place of the highest standards, where we continuously seek to improve and mistakes are used as learnings.   

  • Direct, open, and transparent communication. Sugarcoating, facades, and BS are not welcome, openness and good intentions to discuss and improve are.

  • A team where everyone leads by example and where the actions match the words of our values. 

  • A place where the right tools and support exist, to ensure we can reach our potential both in work and life.

  • An environment where creativity from everyone is encouraged.