Quality Sushi In NYC

The Biggest Flavor At The Lowest Price

At ROLLN, we are here to make great quality sushi that’s made fresh every day, to be enjoyed by as much of NYC as possible. For too long, sushi in New York City has either been really amazing (but very expensive), or cheap and low quality. ROLLN is here to prove that it is possible to have great quality, convenient sushi! If you would like to experience what we do, we are located nearby in the Flatiron District and can also deliver.

ROLLN is a sushi specialist, meaning we do sushi and nothing else, because we believe the best places to eat, are where they only do one thing instead of having a 50-page menu! This means we are able to constantly get in the freshest and best quality fish, which our amazing team is able to simply focus on turning into sushi, with everything made fresh daily.

We love sushi and want to be able to share it with as many people as possible. We don’t think that sushi necessarily needs to be a super-high end, expensive, or intimidating experience. In fact, sushi historically in the early 19th century was served in outdoor stalls as a snack or to-go meal and was loved by people from all walks of life! At ROLLN, we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy great quality sushi, without it being an expensive proposition.


Our core offering is our hand rolls, which are the perfect vehicle to showcase the flavors of our super fresh fish, vegetables, and meats.


Hand rolls are a great way to be able to mix and match a variety of flavors so that you can design the exact meal you want and are also the perfect shape to eat while you’re on the go! We also offer a great selection of nigiri and sashimi for those who are looking for that style.

Our quality begins with the ingredients we use. Sushi rice grown in California and organic quinoa from Peru, which is carefully cooked and then mixed with just the right amount of vinegar seasoning, to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Sushi experts will tell you that the rice is the most important component of sushi, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure our rice and quinoa is some of the best you have ever had! Next up comes our seaweed, which is a specially made proprietary roast from Yamamotoyama made just for us!

Call us right now at 1 ‭(646) 869 0826‬ for delivery, or come see us at ROLLN, 38 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.