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Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Low-Carb Sushi Made With Quinoa And Love

If you’re looking for low-carb sushi with more fiber and protein, then look no further than our delicious quinoa sushi rolls!


Quinoa tastes a little less sweet than rice, and nuttier. It has a similar texture, but it’s actually a seed, not a grain. Quinoa has twice the protein of rice. It’s a “complete protein,” meaning it offers the nine essential amino acids that your body needs. Also, quinoa has thirteen percent less carbohydrates than rice.


While our rice is grown in California, our bright yellow quinoa is organically grown in the dark, fertile soil of Peru - along the majestic ridges of the Andes Mountains. Quinoa used to be a staple crop among Peruvian farmers themselves but, in the early 2000s, it was discovered that quinoa is a “super food” for its superior protein and fiber content, and production quickly increased and it was soon exported around the world - including right here to the ROLLN kitchen!


Once it arrives, we cook it up and wrap it around the freshest ingredients we can get our hands on. Any of our delicious sushi hand rolls can be made with quinoa instead of rice - just let us know what you want when you order!


And if you are sensitive to gluten, and need gluten-free sushi, our quinoa rolls are exactly that. To be absolutely clear: When we say our quinoa sushi is gluten-free, we mean it is 100% gluten free. Our kitchen and cooking processes are designed to completely avoid cross contamination. Even people who are sensitive, or allergic to gluten, or who have Crohn’s Disease, can eat our quinoa sushi and be assured that it is tummy friendly.

If you want to go super healthy, order our avocado rolls or salmon avocado rolls with quinoa instead of rice. Quinoa has trace amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, but avocado and salmon both have a large amount of it. So this becomes a completely delicious meal with complete nutrition: low in carbs, high in protein, with a lot of healthy fats and plenty of fiber. And, as always, we offer maximum goodness at minimal prices.

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