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Salmon Avocado Rolls

So Much Taste! So Much Omega 3!

It wasn’t long after avocado rolls were invented in beautiful Southern California that sushi chefs started experimenting with them, trying to develop even more interesting taste combinations.

Many of these new sushi rolls became legendary, and remain enormously popular fifty years later. Among these, avocado roll spinoffs, salmon avocado rolls are one of the most popular - adored by sushi fans around the world.

Salmon is the most-eaten fish in the world. We source our salmon fresh from the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Many people prefer salmon because it doesn’t taste as “fishy” as other fish. It has a simple, elegant taste profile with subtle flavors. When we slice it up on the same day it’s caught, it still tastes a bit like the sea.

Similar to avocado, salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. When eaten raw, in sushi rolls, salmon has a dense, meaty texture. We pair it up  it creates the smooth, meaty pairing that made the salmon avocado a legendary sushi roll that’s beloved around the world.



Our avocados, meanwhile, are sourced fresh, having been farm raised until they’re fat and dark green. We never use frozen avocados because they turn to mush when they thaw. ROLLN avocados are perfectly silky and dense. After we get them, we ripen them to peak perfection before putting them in the best sushi rolls in New York City.

Once we’ve chopped our salmon and avocado into the perfect proportions, we roll it up in our California-grown rice, steam cooked with just a hint of vinegar, for the perfect bit of zing, and our own original-recipe nori. If you prefer low-carb sushi, feel free to substitute the white rice with quinoa. We get our quinoa fresh from family farms in the Peruvian Andes. Quinoa has all the essential amino acids that your body needs. That’s why many call it a “super food” with “complete proteins.” It’s high in fiber, with half the carbs of white rice.If our salmon avocado rolls sound delicious, with rice or quinoa, you should see what they taste like! Get your ROLLN sushi delivered now!

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