Sashimi Combo

Maximum Flavor Without Carbs

Looking for high-quality sashimi without the big price tag? ROLLN has the answer, with our ever expanding sashimi combo menus we have some amazing choices for you to consider and - Yes! - sushi delivery is available with ROLLN.


Our Sashimi combos are high in quality and are among some of the best in New York! Our fish is delivered daily by our carefully selected suppliers who only bring their best fish, so you can be assured that every sashimi you eat from ROLLN is of the highest and freshest caliber. 

What is Sashimi? Sashimi is raw fish, seafood like shellfish and, even uncooked red meats, are all considered sashimi in Japan. It is usually thinly sliced raw fish that is served without rice, quinoa or any other carbs. Our sashimi is typically served in salmon, tuna or yellowtail or a sashimi combo of any or all of them.


It is best served cool (41 degrees or below) and consumed immediately. ROLLN’s sashimi is extremely popular among our customers, and is well-known for its high quality, freshness, health benefits and low price.


There are a number elements and factors we seek when considering great Sashimi, but the most important is the freshness of the fish.

How to eat Sashimi? This is typically a personal preference, but the most traditional way is to drizzle it with or dip the Sashimi into soy sauce, wasabi (Japanese horseradish) or any other condiments, ROLLN’s Sashimi is flavorful to the extent that it can be enjoyed on its own if you choose.

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