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Spicy Tuna Roll

A One Of A Kind Take On The Classic

Spicy tuna rolls changed sushi forever, and ROLLN has changed spicy tuna rolls forever! While it seems like an age-old staple now, the spicy tuna roll has been around less than fifty years. To put that into perspective: Tom Cruise has been around longer than spicy tuna rolls.

Before the spicy tuna roll, sushi was all about tradition, and almost all from Japan. But in the 1970s, when sushi began gaining popularity in Southern California, sushi chefs encountered a culture clash. For one, diners often wanted something spicy - especially in the southwest where tex-mex, Mexican, and South American cuisines were always very common. Also, American fishmongers cut tuna differently than in Japan, which meant, when the chefs prepared sushi from American tuna, it left them with a lot of extra meat that couldn’t be used for traditional sushi.

Enter the spicy tuna roll. It’s hard to tell which SoCal sushi chef actually invented it, but it spread very rapidly, and each restaurant that offered it had their own house recipe for the sauce. According to The Story Of Sushi, by Trevor Corson, different chefs probably tried different spices. Togarashi, a mixture of peppers, oils, and other spices sometimes used in Japanese cuisine was probably used in some of the earliest spicy tuna rolls. Corson theorizes that other early makers of spicy tuna rolls, probably used southwestern spices and tex-mex hot sauces.


Eventually, as sushi restaurants, and spicy tuna sushi, spread across the US, the use of sriracha and sambal olek in spicy tuna became widespread among sushi chefs. Fast forward to now, and the best sushi restaurants have their own special recipes - just like ROLLN does! We can’t tell you exactly what goes into our house-made spicy tuna sauce. We can tell you that we only use the freshest ingredients in our secret spicy tuna sauce, it’s delicious, and you’ll never have any spicy tuna better anywhere else! 


And, as with all our hand roll sushi, you can expect the best, freshest tuna - right out of the sea! It’s wrapped in American-grown rice and our own special recipe nori! If you want a higher protein, lower carb option, feel free to subsitute our Peruvian quinoa - offering complete protein with all your necessary amino acids.

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