Tuna Sashimi

Great Taste And Tons Of Protein

Rich, dense, and flavorful, it’s easy to see why tuna sashimi is one of the most popular sushis in New York City - and the rest of the world.

Some of the best and most expensive fish sold in Japan’s famous fish markets are tuna fish. When served raw, tuna is typically tender and mild with a soft, oily texture. Higher grades of tuna - like the bluefin toro - are often marbled with fat, similar to excellent beef steaks, lending it an even smoother texture.

Tuna is now often considered a delicacy. In 2013, a single tuna sold for $2 million in Tokyo.

But the tuna fish had humble beginnings. In Japan, which now consumes about a quarter of the world’s tuna supply, it used to be considered a common, low-cost food. In the 1920s, even the bluefin toro was considered “gezakana” or “inferior fish” and it was often fed to pets. But World War II came and went, Japanese tastes and western tastes started to overlap some, and Americans’ tastes for fattier cuts of meat caught on. Meanwhile, refrigeration improved, and Japanese shipping magnates started flying tuna around the world. Soon, fresh tuna would become one of the most beloved and sought-after meats on the planet.

Red Tuna Sashimi

Nutrition-wise, you can’t get a more low-carb sushi than sashimi.


Tuna sashimi is pure protein, completely unprocessed, as pure and clean as a food can be. You can eat it on its own and enjoy its rich, buttery flavor, or dip it in some soy sauce and spice it up with wasabi. Either way, you’ll see why it is that tuna sashimi is one of the most desired sushis in New York City.

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