Yellowtail Sashimi

All The Flavor, No Carbs

Yellowtail sashimi is one of our best-selling sashimis, and it’s easy to taste why it’s so popular.


Yellowtail (called hamachi in Japanese) is light, oily, and flavorful. It is also known as amberjack and, often (but incorrectly) referred to as “yellowtail tuna” but this is a misnomer. Yellowtail is a completely different type of fish, altogether different from tuna. The confusion probably comes from sharing the menu with Yellowfin Tuna, also called Ahi, which is numerous in the same waters as hamachi, near Hawaii.

Traditional sushi purists describe yellowtail as a “real” sushi, with delicate and nuanced flavors ranging from buttery on the outset to an often tangy aftertaste. It’s a very different experience from the heavier, meatier tuna and salmon that sushi lovers often enjoy.


Yellowfin is caught in the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii and Japan. It is a long-time favorite of Japanese diners, especially in the winter months, when the fish grows fattier and is considered a delicacy in the regions of Toyama and Hokuriku. In the decades since sushi culture prolifirated throughout the US, yellowfin has become a favorite sushi in NYC.

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If you want low-carb sushi, our hamachi is perfect for you.


Yellowtail sashimi has all the flavor of fresh, delicious yellowtail with no carbohydrates and plenty of protein. It’s scrumptious on its own, dipped in soy sauce, or spiced up with wasabi.


And, of course, if you think your yellowtail might get lonely without a little bit of rice, we’re happy to roll it up for you with some of our yuzu sauce! However you need to get your yellowtail fix, we’re happy to help!

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